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Articles by Wendy Harris

Extracting Profit and Destroying Experience: The Waterfront Plan

By Wendy HarrisOn May 27, 2014

There is very little to like about the COB waterfront plan, as far as substance or procedure. And this, I believe, results from looking at the waterfront from an outdated [...]

How Park Improvements Generate Heat

By Wendy HarrisOn May 26, 2014

Wedesday, May 28th, 6:30 p.m., at Bloedel Donovan Park Multipurpose Building there is a public meeting to discuss park improvements. Park improvements include an expensive engineered stormwater system, and shoreline [...]

The Trojan Slaughterhouse and the Scrivener’s Errors

By Wendy HarrisOn May 18, 2014

UPDATE: The County Council sent out an email today pulling this matter from the Tuesday agenda. We are advised this will be reset for a public hearing on June 3, or [...]

Bellingham’s 2013 Water Quality Report: The Facts But Not the Truth

By Wendy HarrisOn May 13, 2014

Great News!! According to Bellingham’s 2013 Safe Drinking Water Act annual water quality report, “Bellingham's water is very clean.” Sure, “unregulated contaminants of concern” (vanadium, stontium, hexavalent chromium, [...]

Action Alert for Tonight: Waterfront Wildlife and Habitat Threatened

By Wendy HarrisOn Apr 21, 2014

Previously, I discussed the problem with the habitat assessment needed for the Waterfront District before waterfront development occurs. http://www.nwcitizen.com/entry/action-alert-for-tonight-waterfront-wildlife-and-habitat-not-being-protecte Prior to the enactment of the [...]

Tell County To Expand Scope of EIS Review for Plants and Animals

By Wendy HarrisOn Apr 01, 2014

Please support county wildlife and habitat by asking the county to expand the scope of its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) review of plants and animals. Under current plans, the county [...]

Public May Comment On EIS Scoping For County Comp. Plan Until April 7th

By Wendy HarrisOn Mar 31, 2014

On March 18, I attended a public hearing for the EIS scoping process on the county comprehensive plan update and was disappointed to see only a handful of people in attendance. [...]

My State of the Lake Report for 2014

By Wendy HarrisOn Mar 28, 2014

The latest annual Lake Whatcom monitoring report by Dr. Matthews indicates that we currently have the highest recorded levels of carcinogenic by-products in our treated drinking water. This report was [...]

Propaganda Replaces Public Information:  An Analysis of the Lake Whatcom TDML Process

By Wendy HarrisOn Mar 17, 2014

The annual “state of the lake,” a meeting and public hearing regarding Lake Whatcom, is scheduled for March 26, 6 p.m. at Bellingham City Hall. This is an opportunity [...]

Action Alert for Tonight: Waterfront Wildlife and Habitat Not Being Protected as Promised

By Wendy HarrisOn Feb 24, 2014

Action Alert: I am requesting that people come to the city council meeting tonight, at 7p.m. to speak at open session regarding habitat connectivity and wildlife protection at the [...]

Wendy Harris on Citizen Journalism

By Wendy HarrisOn Feb 22, 2014

We had a fine dinner the evening of Feb 7 at the 'Back Alley' dining room of the Black Cat restaurant in Fairhaven. The room was at capacity with an rsvp [...]

Bellingham Seeks “Flexibility” To Sell Wholesale Rural Sewer Services

By Wendy HarrisOn Feb 09, 2014

For the last week, public concern has increasingly focused on important agenda items that will be discussed by the Whatcom County Council this Tuesday. I have come to understand a [...]

The Hidden Costs of Costco

By Wendy HarrisOn Feb 09, 2014

While the city will be celebrating an “unanticipated” financial windfall at its Monday council meeting, I will be mourning irretrievable loss. The city just received a grant of $2,225,000 [...]

Have You Exceeded Your Right To Information?

By Wendy HarrisOn Feb 01, 2014

Did you know that we could “exceed our rights to information” by making too many public record requests, or making a request that was too broad, or making [...]

Port Memo Addresses Marina Fraud Allegations

By Wendy HarrisOn Dec 20, 2013

A recent Northwest Citizen article by Doug Karlberg, asserting that the port tampered with consultant data to make the ASB facility the least expensive option for a marina, caused quite [...]

Lummi Influence Over the Waterfront Planning Process Continues to Grow

By Wendy HarrisOn Dec 17, 2013

Today, the Department of Ecology (DOE) released a summary response to the public comments submitted for the Cornwall Avenue Landfill RI/FS review (the clean up process under the Model [...]

On Monday, City Council Votes “third and final” Approval of Waterfront Plan

By Wendy HarrisOn Dec 07, 2013

Bellingham law requires a reconfirmation vote (known as the “third and final”) before a prior vote (considered the “first and second”) is considered final. So the vote to approve the [...]

Lecture on County Water Issues Draws Crowd

By Wendy HarrisOn Dec 06, 2013

Timing is everything, and no where is this more evident than in Whatcom County’s water supply and demand problems. We have a surplus of water in the winter [...]

Waterfront Development Bonus Yet Another Bad Idea

By Wendy HarrisOn Nov 30, 2013

The proposed waterfront development standards provide developers with an option for an increased density bonus, known as the Floor Area Development Bonus, and on Monday afternoon, the Bellingham City Council [...]

City and Port Ready To Act on Waterfront Plan

By Wendy HarrisOn Nov 29, 2013

The Bellingham City Council and the Port Commission will be taking action on the Waterfront District Sub Area Plan and related documents, amending the 2013 Shoreline Master Program to allow greater [...]

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