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About Anne Mackie

Anne Mackie joined the anti-war movement in 1966 as a Western student and quickly linked up with other political movements such as Radical Women Seattle, where she was a founding member who fought to legalize abortion in Washington State in 1970 – the first state in the nation to do so through a voter referendum. Anne’s special talent for organizing was put to work in the American Federation of Teachers and the Teamsters Union in the Midwest in the mid-1970s. Writing has been her life long passion so a degree in Journalism came next and with that came gainful employment as [...]

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Articles by Anne Mackie

Don’t Ballardize Bellingham

By Anne MackieOn Nov 13, 2017

The Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition (BNC), an alliance of neighborhood advocates, will host a documentary video, “Don’t Ballardize Bellingham,” which chronicles the developer-driven demolition of homes in Seattle’s Ballard [...]

The Day the Neo-Nazis Moved In

By Anne MackieOn Aug 14, 2017

The “Alt Right” movement must be condemned for its murderous actions in Charlottesville, Virginia, last Saturday. Their movement is not about “free speech” but is about terror and oppression. Could [...]

Ordinary Women Seize the Day

By Anne MackieOn Feb 04, 2017

On Saturday morning, January 21, Erica Littlewood Work gathered march volunteers into the downtown library meeting room to provide a quick briefing on crowd and traffic control. As she stepped back [...]

A Big “Never Mind”

By Anne MackieOn Aug 31, 2016

Anne Mackie guest writes. Anne has lived in the York neighborhood for many years and is a community leader on issues of neighborhood planning. Saturday Night Live’s Roseanne Roseanna [...]

The “Smoking Gun” to Provide Amnesty for Illegal Housing Units

By Anne MackieOn Nov 04, 2016

On October 24, our City Council voted 5 to 2 (with Terry Bornemann and Gene Knutson opposed) to accept Policy H-18 of the Comprehensive Plan. Policy H-18 is a mere 47-word statement playing [...]

Whistleblower Defenders

By Anne MackieOn Oct 26, 2016

Anne Mackie guest writes this morning’s blog post. The role of the investigative journalist is to shine a bright light on corruption, expose misuse of power and backroom deals, [...]

Surly Citizens Object to Backroom Deals

By Anne MackieOn Oct 19, 2016

Anne Mackie guest writes about the Monday, Oct 17, Bellingham City Council meeting. She is a community leader who lives in the York neighborhood. What does it look like when a [...]

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