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About Richard Lewis

Richard lives in Bellingham, and enjoys writing poetry, particularly on topical issues. He also contributed to the Whatcom Independent weekly newspaper.

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Articles by Richard Lewis

War and Peace

By Richard LewisOn Dec 03, 2014

My subconscious regularly hatches schemes and reveals their content in nightly dreams, presumably triggered by a love of puns and how newspaper headlines can be such fun. I dreamt about [...]

A Recent GOP History in Not-So-Terse-Verse

By Richard LewisOn Nov 03, 2014

by Richard Lewis The Tea Party for the GOP is now essential for keeping the Republican Party influential with ultraconservatives—the far, far right— who coincidentally are nearly [...]

Now There’s a Thought

By Richard LewisOn Jun 16, 2014

by Richard Lewis I’ve listened to a lot of talk and fiery conversations about what kind of education benefits a nation. These conversations seem to span a wide [...]


By Richard LewisOn Jun 08, 2014

by Richard Lewis Whenever we buy a product that doesn’t live up to its promise, we wish we had honed the skill of becoming a Doubting Thomas. Claims [...]

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