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Articles by Terry Wechsler

A Call to Action to Support the Lummi Nation

By Terry WechslerOn Jan 27, 2015

Note: The following call to action comes from Deb Cruz, a member of a faith-based community that has long supported protection of the Lummi Nation's cultural, historical, and natural [...]

Call to Action—Shell Anacortes Crude by Rail Proposal

By Terry WechslerOn Jan 24, 2015

Note: BP and Phillips 66 received permits without benefit of an EIS review because area advocates were focused on the GPT scoping process and those refineries, along with Tesoro Anacortes, slipped [...]

An Imminent Threat:  The State Plans for CBR Disaster While Counties Punt

By Terry WechslerOn Aug 25, 2014

An article in the July issue of Whatcom Watch, Washington’s Crude Awakening, describes the status of the four area crude-by-rail (CBR) proposals at the Skagit and Whatcom County [...]

Good Friends and Neighbors:  What $54 Million Doesn’t Buy, Part 2

By Terry WechslerOn Aug 20, 2014

On Friday August 15, we published the first installment of the continuing saga of the communications snafus with BNSF’s rail crossing upgrades. The work is part of a $54 million [...]

Good Friends and Neighbors:  What $54 Million Doesn’t Buy

By Terry WechslerOn Aug 15, 2014

When the state spends $54 million on a rail project to improve tracks, impacting coastal communities from Everett to Blaine during construction, one would expect that those communities would get advance [...]

Trial by Fire:  A Rising Tide of Civil Disobedience

By Terry WechslerOn Aug 01, 2014

When climate crusader Bill McKibben was here in May, he had a sobering message: we’ve run out of time to educate the masses about the reality of climate [...]

Trial by Fire:  Call to Action to Comment on the BP Pier Expansion

By Terry WechslerOn Jul 13, 2014

UPDATE 7/14/14, 11:45 a.m. The days of the week originally published for the upcoming Bellingham and Seattle hearings were incorrect and have been changed. Background Two years ago I reviewed BP [...]

Power to the Permit! (or Closely Hold This!)

By Terry WechslerOn Jul 07, 2014

Note: This series of articles explores what power citizens hold over corporate activity in their backyard, beginning slowly with an analysis of Bellingham’s desire to have a Quiet [...]

Trial by Fire: Lessons Not Learned One Year after Lac-Megantic

By Terry WechslerOn Jul 02, 2014

Commentary on crude-by-rail proposals: On July 7, 2013, 47 people died when a train carrying Bakken crude oil derailed and tanker cars exploded in the heart of the small town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec. [...]

Stay the Frack Out of Our Forearc Redux

By Terry WechslerOn Jun 06, 2014

[Note: This is Part 2 of a series on fracking. Part 1 described the local shale play, seismic zone, and impact on seismic activity of injection of fracking fluids for disposal.] On [...]

Stay the Frack Out of Our Forearc

By Terry WechslerOn May 11, 2014

Note: This is the first of a series of articles discussing the real possibility companies holding mineral rights may begin exploration (if they haven't already) and permits to frack [...]

An Imminent Threat

By Terry WechslerOn May 09, 2014

Note: The following, or some version similar to it, will be hand delivered to Skagit County Planning and Development Services, as well as emailed to the office of the governor. [...]

“Friends and Neighbors”?

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 21, 2014

Updated August 30, 2014, to add spill information from the Department of Ecology's Spill Incidents site. In their November 29, 2012, comment on the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT), the Northern Whatcom County [...]

Water, Water Everywhere, but ...

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 19, 2014

Kudos to Rome Grange and the local Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (yes, I am saying kudos) for the excellent Water Forum today at the public library. The panel included [...]

Killer Industrial Jobs or Long-term Job Killers?

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 06, 2014

Carl Weimer recently posted a comment on facebook comparing the Comp Plan revision process (intended to keep us in compliance with the Growth Management Act) to watching paint dry. Sam [...]

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