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Articles by Riley Sweeney

How the Party Treats Jeb and Hillary Tells You Everything

By Riley SweeneyOn Feb 26, 2015

I try to shy away from national politics but with the presidential campaigns beginning to heat up, I wanted to share these thoughts about Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. First, [...]

Riley’s Top 5 Whatcom Political Stories of 2014

By Riley SweeneyOn Dec 24, 2014

Ralph Schwartz and Samantha Wohlfeil offered their “Top 10 Whatcom Political Stories” in 2014. Take a gander at their list, they have some good picks. In a sign of the [...]

Where are the persuadable voters in the 42nd District?

By Riley SweeneyOn Nov 22, 2014

In the wake of the Republican victory in the 42nd, many local political analysts are reevaluating the 42nd – mentally moving it from “Leans Republican” to “Washington&[...]

Tune in TONIGHT for Political Comedy

By Riley SweeneyOn Oct 14, 2014

Whatcom County has been an innovator in the realm of unintentional political comedy, tonight, I am aiming to do it on purpose for once. Tonight at 6pm at votejoy.varvid.[...]

Few Surprises at the Tea Party Debate

By Riley SweeneyOn Oct 02, 2014

Last night, the legislative candidates from Whatcom County debated at the annual Tea Party debate. While the main attraction, Seth Fleetwood versus Doug Ericksen, offered few surprises, the races for [...]

Who Will Be Appointed to Lehman’s City Council Seat?

By Riley SweeneyOn Sep 09, 2014

There are a great deal of rumors flying around about who will be appointed to fill out the remainder of Cathy Lehman's term on the City Council. The basics [...]

Fleetwood versus Ericksen: What Happened in Round One?

By Riley SweeneyOn Aug 12, 2014

Election watchers had plenty to chew on after the final round of ballots were counted last week. When the dust had settled, Ericksen beat Fleetwood 57% to 43%. Ericksen's allies declared [...]

Northwest Citizen Releases Polling of Whatcom Voters

By Riley SweeneyOn Jul 24, 2014

In an effort to provide you, the readers, more insight into the political world around us, Northwest Citizen has paid for a poll of likely voters. We worked with Premiere [...]

Who Filed for Charter Review Commission?

By Riley SweeneyOn May 17, 2014

This is another cross-post from The Political Junkie. The Charter Review Commission offers an unique opportunity and plays an incredibly influential role in how our county functions. For all the [...]

The Whatcom Republicans’ Huge PCO Advantage

By Riley SweeneyOn May 06, 2014

As filing week is just around the corner, I thought it would be prudent to take a look at one of the least appreciated offices up for election this year, [...]

Charter Review and District Only Voting

By Riley SweeneyOn Apr 17, 2014

“Treasuring the many wonders of our unique environment and realizing that the power and duty to govern and protect this region is inherent in its people, we, the citizens [...]

Roosevelt Neighborhood Pleads for Left Turns

By Riley SweeneyOn Apr 09, 2014

The Bellingham City Council chambers were packed with Roosevelt Neighborhood supporters voicing their objections to some of the proposed Alabama Street improvements. The city, thanks to a healthy potential grant [...]

County Considers Purchasing Toxic Property

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 19, 2014

Whatcom County is close to purchasing the building at 1500 N. State St., a building that is currently leaking toxins into our groundwater. The building, currently home to our medical examiner'[...]

Rep. Vincent Buys Appears to Break State Fundraising Laws

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 11, 2014

Writer's Note: If you are looking for more news about the state Legislature, check out my native site The Political Junkie for weekly coverage. While the state Legislature is [...]

County Hires GPT Permit Lead as Senior Planner

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 10, 2014

3/17/2014 Update: Since this story broke, there have been a number of developments. Tim Johnson covered it in the Cascadia Weekly, digging into the pro-development bias of our planning department as [...]

Do Changing Liquor and Marijuana Laws Affect DUIs

By Riley SweeneyOn Feb 17, 2014

As always, you can find me, Riley Sweeney, over at my blog The Political Junkie, where I've been covering our state legislature like crazy. However, I wanted to share [...]

County Releases EIS, Prepares to Purchase Jail Site

By Riley SweeneyOn Nov 18, 2013

In all the flurry over curious Port results, Doug Ericksen for Congress and my all-male Odds and Ends last week, the recent activity on the jail almost went unnoticed. However, [...]

Election Analysis: What Happened with the Port Races?

By Riley SweeneyOn Nov 12, 2013

For politicos watching the results over the last week, it might have been a bit stupefying to see Whatcom County elect four unapologetically progressive candidates to the Whatcom County Council, [...]

How the Coal Industry Funneled $40,000 into Whatcom

By Riley SweeneyOn Oct 02, 2013

In the last four months, SSA Marine and BNSF Railroad have funneled thousands of dollars into Whatcom Republican candidates. While digging through the PDC in September, I discovered a whole [...]

Over $330,000 raised and spent on elections in Whatcom County

By Riley SweeneyOn Sep 19, 2013

Go back and read that headline. Over $330k raised and spent on elections in Whatcom County . . . so far. It is only September and we have yet to see the big [...]

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