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About Paul deArmond

Paul de Armond used to be a writer, reporter and research analyst. He is the recipient of the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force 2001 Human Rights Award. In the 1990s, he and Jay Taber established the Public Good Project, a research and activism network which hogged a lot of bandwidth on NWCitizen. Paul has written about various topics including the property rights movement, domestic terrorism, internet fraud schemes, and the WTO protests. In 1995, he was the first source quoted in world media correctly identifying the Oklahoma City bombing as domestic terrorism. His report on the 1999 WTO protests was published by RAND. His work appears in the footnotes and acknowledgments of a lot of books written by other people. Now he’s just irascible and opinionated. He wishes he could retire. Paul died in April 2013. The annual local journalism award is named in his honor.

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Articles by Paul deArmond

Honky Tonk Friday at Marlins’ Cafe

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 29, 2012

Marlins Cafe (co-located with the Historic Nelson's Market - a stationary float in life's parade) is now serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. New menu selections by Chef Tommy. [...]

Stealth Politics Returns

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 04, 2012

If you’re like me, you’ve been dawdling along this election season, occasionally having a conversation with a friend about voting this way or that, how’[...]

Marian Beddill at Village Books Tonight 7pm

By Paul deArmondOn Sep 04, 2012

Political junkies will not want to miss the tell-all no-holds-barred tale of Marian Beddill, local social mover and shaker. Thrills, danger, lust and adventure abound as Marian makes the transition [...]

Port attempts to kill initiative for two new seats

By Paul deArmondOn Jun 17, 2012

The Port of Bellingham's attempts at sabotaging the expansion to five commissioners began the moment initiative backers asked the port to adopt their petition. Commissioner Scott Walker and port [...]

Is liquor an efficient market?

By Paul deArmondOn Jun 10, 2012

You’re shopping for liquor and looking at prices. The price you are looking at doesn’t include the taxes. How do you find the lowest prices? As [...]

Port attempts to kill initiative for two new seats

By Paul deArmondOn Jan 31, 2012

The Port’s attempts at sabotaging the expansion to five commissioners began the moment initiative backers asked the port to adopt their petition. Commissioner Scott Walker and port attorney [...]

Watch out for basement flooding

By Paul deArmondOn Jan 19, 2012

There are flood advisories brewing for the snow melt that will be caused by the coming rain. See the weather advisories at the UofW Weather page for the most recent [...]

Cameras, not coal, decided the election

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 19, 2011

How much influence did the Washington Conservation Voters have on the recent elections in Bellingham? Daniel Pike, Seth Fleetwood and Cathy Lehman were the WCV slate in the Bellingham elections. [...]

Post Election Musings

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 10, 2011

The old system of voting at polling places had a lot going for it. It created a civic ceremony. One went forth on voting day and voted with one’[...]

Gateway Telephone Poll

By Paul deArmondOn Aug 03, 2011

I just got a call from a polling firm in the Midwest asking a series of leading questions on SSA's proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal. The tipoff came when [...]

County Exec Fundraising Confounds Pundit Perceptions

By Paul deArmondOn Jul 19, 2011

With four weeks left before the primary election, here’s a little bit of analysis on the four contested races. As usual, it’s a contest between reality [...]

News you can use: Burgers and Beer

By Paul deArmondOn May 23, 2011

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been exploring the question, “Where will news come from when the newspapers go away?” I’ve had this conversation [...]

Yellow Light Timing

By Paul deArmondOn Dec 31, 2010

Ever since John’s little flapdoodle over the introduction of red light cameras, I’ve been keeping a stopwatch in my car and measuring the yellow light periods. [...]

Marginal Voters and the Big Tent

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 24, 2010

Sixteen years ago last August, I sat in the office of the Washington State Democratic Party Chairman. I tried to tell him that the Democrats were under assault by the [...]


By Paul deArmondOn Nov 05, 2010

Editor's note: This was posted as a comment and we felt it deserved to be a full article. // It's hard to know how the voters responded when all [...]

Political Realignment - Part II

By Paul deArmondOn Dec 06, 2009

(Recap for the reader in a hurry: a previous post defined realignment as a power shift in a two party system whereby a new and stable majority arises. Examples from [...]

The Radical Center and the Outer Limits

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 20, 2009

Did you every wonder what was really going on inside the racist right? Usually caricatured by stereotypes of bed-sheeted Klansmen and goose-stepping neo-Nazis, the racist right continually flashes across the [...]

Political Realignment - Part 1

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 09, 2009

American politics and its two-party system is not a static system. The ebb and flow of political power proceeds in fits and starts with long periods of relative stasis and [...]

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