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About Marian Beddill

My bio is complex, with various sections. There are two public data-places for it - my website cited in this Profile - and my published autobiography (from youth to my arrival in Bellingham), printed by Village Books, and copies at the Library.

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Articles by Marian Beddill

Water is Valuable

By Marian BeddillOn Dec 31, 2014

Marian Beddill writes this guest article. She is a retired civil engineer and has been deeply involved in the water issues and cleanup of Lake Whatcom for over 15 years, and [...]

Move To Amend - Persons vs Corporations

By Marian BeddillOn May 01, 2014

Guest writer Marian Beddill is involved in the local amend effort. Dear Registered Voters, Please sign Washington State Citizens’ Initiative I-1329, demanding that Congress amend language in the Constitution to [...]

Who does what, now, how?

By Marian BeddillOn May 22, 2009

We have a guest article to start our Memorial Day weekend. Marian Beddill has a philosophical fable for us to read and, she hopes, post a comment. - - - [...]

Which is my Democratic Party?

By Marian BeddillOn Dec 04, 2008

Marian Beddill has contributed this guest article. Marian is a retired engineer who has lived and worked all over the world, and is now a community activist working mostly for [...]

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