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Frank E. Ward

Commenter • Member since Dec 25, 2008

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"Well, my advice to the Herald staffers is the same I gave to Horizon Bank folks—polish up your resumes!

Jun 04, 2009 on
Bellingham Herald future

"As usual, government is always best when it’s at the local level.  That is where the issues can be addressed.  It’s a little worrisome when the [...]

Apr 15, 2009 on
It’s Tea Time

"Well, it’s no wonder that Horizon is only rated 2 stars by bauerfinancial.com.  Peoples gets 4, Whidby 5 and Washington Federal 3 1/2.  Horizon is under an FDIC cease and desist [...]

Apr 04, 2009 on
Opinion for hire: Part 2 - Admission of errors