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" Since government officials are unwilling to act, the public needs to send a message. This is a good time to file both city and county initiatives.

Nov 28, 2023 on
ABC Recycling Meets the Public

" The Brief History of the Whatcom County Jail at the end of the article did not mention the 1997 vote.  Nov. 4, 1997: The County Council places a levy on the [...]

Nov 01, 2023 on
No Third Jail Tax

" Since the difference between yes and no on Prop. 5 was less than 0.5 percent why wasn’t there a recount?

Dec 06, 2022 on
Did Proposition 5 "Cure" Its Way to a Win?

"    Mr. Humphrey: In the email to you from Kaylee Galloway did she say why “... the county’s attorneys had “advised” elected officials not to [...]

Jul 31, 2022 on
Council Advised Against Talking to the Public

"My comments are both incorrect and a mess. Everytime I tried to correct them they only got worse. I don’t know who to contact to delete them.

Oct 26, 2021 on
One Last Chance for Permanent Protection for the City’s Great Blue Herons?