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Bill McCallum

Commenter • Member since Oct 04, 2008

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"Sorry you didn’t include the 1912  photo photo by J. Wilbur Sandison  taken from a hot-air balloon. It shows  most of the area, including water surrounding the [...]

Jan 21, 2019 on
Of Broken Roads and Re-invented Wheels

"  I have questions about two recent Bellingham City Council votes spending Greenway funds. At the August 20, 2018, meeting the council voted to spend $290,000 in Greenway funds to purchase 24 acres for [...]

Jan 07, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways

"Lloyd’s of London (England), Chubb Group (New York, N.Y.), and Traveler’s Insurance Group (Hartford, Conn.) offered to pay $17 million to settle the port’s [...]

May 15, 2018 on
A time to change NW Citizen ownership

"  I was also ignored by Roxanne Murphy. I sent a Whatcom Watch questionnaire by email to all the City Council candidates that appeared on the 2017 general election ballot. I [...]

Apr 20, 2018 on
Our "Stick to the issue!" City Council President Needs to Chill

" John, The residents of Bellingham give me the impression they are very happy with the direction of the current mayor and City Council. The City Council has to confirm appointments [...]

Feb 26, 2018 on
Just What Bellingham Needs - Another Brewery - And Amid Single Family Homes
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