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To vest or not to vest: Chuckanut Ridge & the CAO

By Larry HorowitzOn Feb 15, 2008

After an extended hiatus, the battle over Chuckanut Ridge has begun to heat up again. In one corner: landowners Horizon Bank and David Edelstein. In the other corner: thousands of [...]

An open letter to County Council re: B’ham UGA

By Larry HorowitzOn Jan 29, 2008

Dear County Councilmembers,Now that Bellingham has adopted a resolution signaling its desire to work with the County on the size of its UGA, the County has a tremendous opportunity [...]

Bjornson Inspired by Tacoma’s Growth Principles

By Larry HorowitzOn Jan 24, 2008

Can Bellingham learn a trick or two about managing growth from the City of Tacoma? Councilmember Louise Bjornson thinks so; and I’m inclined to agree. “I believe,” Louise remarks [...]

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"Times have really changed at Northwest Citizen… and not for the better. When I was a Northwest Citizen writer, there’s no way I would ever respond to [...]

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"Interesting tweet by 777  

Oct 23, 2020 on
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"Per CDC as of 9/10/20: COVID-19 survival rates by age: 0 - 19 years: 99.997% 20 - 49 years: 99.98% 50 - 69 years: 99.5% 70+ years: 94.6% Protect the most at risk! But don’t live in fear!

Oct 23, 2020 on
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"45 out of 50 US Governors did not force Covid-19 infected patients into nursing homes, but 5 of them did: NY, PA, NJ, CA, MI. That is nearly 40% of all Covid-19 deaths in [...]

Oct 22, 2020 on
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"COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science

Oct 20, 2020 on
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