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Larry Horowitz

Writer • Member since Jan 16, 2008

Articles by Larry Horowitz

Self-Determination or Self-Defeat?

By Larry HorowitzOn Nov 17, 2017

“Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don’t know and I don’t care.” - Jimmy Buffett, in a moment of joyful clarity after a few margaritas. [IMPORTANT UPDATE: [...]

Unbreaking America: A NEW short film about solving the Corruption Crisis

By Larry HorowitzOn Apr 17, 2019

A 12-minute video actually worth watching. Interesting and informative. Unbreaking America

Infinite Growth and Its Ecological Impact

By Larry HorowitzOn Jan 07, 2019

Jason Hickel, anthropologist, author, and fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, has written perhaps the best article I’ve read on the growth imperative and its ecological impact: [...]

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Recent comments

"Jamie, thanks for writing about this issue and bringing it to our attention.  As you know, and as noted on page 4 of the planning department’s critical areas [...]

Apr 05, 2019 on
Bellingham Heron Colony Threatened by Development - Again

"Alex, I have no expectation you’ll respond to my previous comment (and there is no real need to), but I wanted to address your observations about the Greenways program. [...]

Jan 09, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways

"Alex, There are many issues at play here, but I believe we can focus on just a few: 1) Abuse of public funds by elected officials and their appointees; 2) The need [...]

Jan 09, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways

"Alex, I fully support your passion for housing issues and growth management.  But I oppose anyone who claims that density prevents sprawl.    The primary advantages of density, [...]

Jan 08, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways

"Alex, I must take exception with your acid-crazed conclusion that “there is no doubt that the science on density – preferably carefully thought-out – can and will spare us [...]

Jan 08, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways