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The Saga of Established Neighborhooods

By Larry HorowitzOn Jul 16, 2019

Are the vitality and character of established residential neighborhoods worth protecting? First, some background… The Growth Management Act (GMA) The Growth Management Act (GMA), which encompasses Chapter 36.70A of the [...]

Self-Determination or Self-Defeat?

By Larry HorowitzOn Nov 17, 2017

“Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don’t know and I don’t care.” - Jimmy Buffett, in a moment of joyful clarity after a few margaritas. [IMPORTANT UPDATE: [...]

Ami Horowitz: A Democrat Who Terrifies Other Democrats

By Larry HorowitzOn May 30, 2019

​An interesting Issues & Insights opinion piece about Democrat presidential candidate Ami Horowitz (no relation) that’s worth reading. A Democrat Who Terrifies Other Democrats Excerpt: “Ami Horowitz, a noted [...]

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"Karen, thanks for your article.  And Geoff, thanks for your comments. The City of Vancouver, WA seems to really understand the “deep symbiotic relationship” between established residents, [...]

Jan 14, 2020 on
Who’s Running Your Neighborhood Association? And Why Care?

"In response to Robert Bystrom’s comment, “We have entered the phase of rapid growth,” I offer the Octorber 30, 2019 article published by Bloomberg Businessweek, “The Global [...]

Nov 05, 2019 on
Seth Fleetwood for Mayor

"Robert, Thanks for asking about my advice regarding growth.  Before I answer, I’d like to address your offhand remark about border crossings at Lake Samish and Blaine.&[...]

Oct 31, 2019 on
Seth Fleetwood for Mayor

"Dick, thanks for acknowledging the elephant in the room:  GROWTH. As you know, back in 2015 when the county and its cities were updating their comprehensive plans, many of us [...]

Oct 16, 2019 on
Seth Fleetwood for Mayor

"Dick, congratulations on your 50th DEROS anniversary.  I, for one, am glad you returned home.   Thank you for sharing your memories and experiences of your time in [...]

Oct 14, 2019 on
DEROS + 50 Years