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Imagine a World…

By Larry HorowitzOn Mar 18, 2020

​I found this post by an anonymous author on a social media platform to be both interesting and inspiring… Imagine a World…

The Saga of Established Neighborhooods

By Larry HorowitzOn Jul 16, 2019

Are the vitality and character of established residential neighborhoods worth protecting? First, some background… The Growth Management Act (GMA) The Growth Management Act (GMA), which encompasses Chapter 36.70A of the [...]

Ami Horowitz: A Democrat Who Terrifies Other Democrats

By Larry HorowitzOn May 30, 2019

​An interesting Issues & Insights opinion piece about Democrat presidential candidate Ami Horowitz (no relation) that’s worth reading. A Democrat Who Terrifies Other Democrats Excerpt: “Ami Horowitz, a noted [...]

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"Times have really changed at Northwest Citizen… and not for the better. When I was a Northwest Citizen writer, there’s no way I would ever respond to [...]

Oct 24, 2020 on
The Last Stand

"Interesting tweet by 777  

Oct 23, 2020 on
The Last Stand

"Per CDC as of 9/10/20: COVID-19 survival rates by age: 0 - 19 years: 99.997% 20 - 49 years: 99.98% 50 - 69 years: 99.5% 70+ years: 94.6% Protect the most at risk! But don’t live in fear!

Oct 23, 2020 on
The Last Stand

"45 out of 50 US Governors did not force Covid-19 infected patients into nursing homes, but 5 of them did: NY, PA, NJ, CA, MI. That is nearly 40% of all Covid-19 deaths in [...]

Oct 22, 2020 on
The Last Stand

"COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science

Oct 20, 2020 on
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