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"Apparently Horizon Bank’s activities have drawn the scrutiny of Federal regulators. The new story posted on the Seattle Times website earlier this afternoon by business reporter Drew DeSilver, includes [...]

Mar 02, 2009 on
How Horizon Bank chose greed over the safety of its community

"Larry, I think this publication and the articles that appear here are vitally important. I hope that you and the other writers will continue to write. It is extremely helpful [...]

Aug 16, 2008 on
Is anybody out there?

"Those who read the Herald today now know the fate of the “inclusionary zoning” mentioned in the first comment: the speculators have gotten their way, and no recommendation for that [...]

Aug 04, 2008 on
Unaffordable Housing?

"Thanks for a great article. As a resident of the King Mountain area, I especially appreciate seeing this issue addressed. The supposed need for additional land for development has been [...]

Jul 21, 2008 on
The thousand acre dilemma: Part 1