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Since 2007, this moniker has been used over 150 times on articles written by guest writers who may write once or very occasionally for Northwest Citizen, but not regularly. Some guest writers later became regular writers and we changed the author of their articles from guest to their actual names. For info, click on the 'About' menu tab and see 'Guest Writer Articles.'

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Wise Owl Knows What to Do

By Guest WriterOn Jan 29, 2013

Guest writer Bill Geyer used a literary tool to explain TDRs.  Update:  The opponents website is now posted.  It is worth checking.   “Think, think, think.&[...]

Why to vote NO on proposed Park District

By Guest WriterOn Jan 26, 2013

By guest writer Phyllis McKee.  She owns commercial property within the district and has been involed in Fairhaven affairs for almost 40 years. Why vote NO on Proposition #1, the Metropolitan [...]

Beautiful Park

By Guest WriterOn Jan 26, 2013

Guest writer Dan Remsen writes for the group favoring the Park District on Bellingham's south side.   There is a beautiful forested hillside visible from most anywhere in the [...]

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