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Since 2007, this moniker has been used over 150 times on articles written by guest writers who may write once or very occasionally for Northwest Citizen, but not regularly. Some guest writers later became regular writers and we changed the author of their articles from guest to their actual names. For info, click on the 'About' menu tab and see 'Guest Writer Articles.'

Articles by Guest Writer

Here We Go Again

By Guest WriterOn Nov 02, 2022

[Our Guest Writer, Linda Diebert, is a social activist who has spent a lifetime advocating for women, young children; as well as disabled and elderly, transit dependent populations.  She [...]

How Our Government Has Used Nuclear Weapons since 1945

By Guest WriterOn Oct 24, 2022

[Our Guest Writer is John Repp who was born in a small town in the Midwest and eventually migrated westward, completing his graduate work at the University of Washington.  [...]

An Obligation to Speak Up

By Guest WriterOn Jun 13, 2022

I would like to talk about sensible gun laws. Mathew McConaughey has addressed this very issue to our federal lawmakers, asking them to honor their moral obligations instead of [...]

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