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Since 2008, this moniker has been used over 130 times on articles written by guest writers who may write once or very occasionally for Northwest Citizen, but not regularly.

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Don’t Confuse Housing Affordability with Housing Choice

By Guest WriterOn Oct 14, 2021

[Our Guest Writer, Scott Jones, is a resident of Bellingham since 2010, from Eugene, Oregon. A father and an entrepreneur, Scott advocates for Hunger Relief and Affordable Housing through non-profits and [...]

Covid Vaccine Booster Shots: Immoral or Necessary?

By Guest WriterOn Sep 28, 2021

[Ray Kamada guest writes. Ray is a retired atmospheric physicist from NOAA/DoD, and is now mostly involved in climate change and renewable energy studies.]People on both sides of [...]

Bellingham: Beware!

By Guest WriterOn Aug 11, 2021

[Guest writer David Donohue was born in Tripoli, Libya, is a 1987 graduate of Western Washington University's Fairhaven College, and has lived in Bellingham, WA for the better part of the [...]

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