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"According to the county attornies Satpal is mistaken about this process. The transition language approved by the voters in 2015 stated that previous position 1B (the position Todd was elected to) [...]

Aug 13, 2017 on
If Donovan defeats Glasser in county race, can she take his old seat?

"Here is a link to the Williams pipeline project that has been hatching since last September for a pipeline to Cherry Point - I [...]

Apr 18, 2016 on
OregonLNG quits: Cherry Point may be new target

"Hi all, Craig makes some good points regarding the CAO, and like any law it needs tweaking from time to time and how smoothly it is implemented is crucial. It [...]

Aug 31, 2009 on
Implementing Farm Plans

"Hi John, I also found Sam’s article useful, mainly because he pointed out a possible flaw in the way the Council has always been told to legally conduct discussions [...]

Oct 24, 2008 on
Sam Taylor exposes county council machinations

"Hi Tom, I just wanted to respond to your points about some possible inaccuracies in my long-winded-middle-of-the-night post. First, you are totally correct about the County’s moratorium only applying [...]

May 23, 2008 on
Saving the Lake