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"The problem goes much deeper than the judges and prosocuters.  The majority of the public does not want to see or be bothered with those who who are outside [...]

Feb 05, 2018 on
Voices from the Inside: Part 1 - What’s next for the Whatcom County Jail and Justice System?

"As one of those who meet with more than a majority of the first meeting of MANC groups in 1977 I hope they will survive this not unexpected attack on their [...]

Sep 12, 2016 on
Chapter 3: City Council Agenda Management

"Now is the time to do some real planning for the Cherry Point Industrial UGA.  The original zoning was done without adequate review.  If this opportunity is allow [...]

May 09, 2016 on
No Coal Terminal at Cherry Point - Final

"The Zervas Firm can be shamed into doing a better job.  Give them a phone call.

Apr 18, 2016 on
Bellingham Planning tries to sneak one through

"A lot of questions to be answered in the next few days.  Will want to hear a response frome the Lummi Nation first. Stopping and then starting again a [...]

Apr 01, 2016 on
Cherry Point coal port development put on ice