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"Alex brings up some interesting points in this article, but to level all blame on Harcourt and the Port and completely ignore the City’s responsibility is omitting a [...]

Oct 31, 2019 on
Sink, Swim, or Divorce – Options Narrow for our Relationship with Harcourt

"Well said, Mr. Conoboy! Post Truth/LBA (Legislation By Anecdote) is certainly not limited to one side of the political spectrum, on this and many other issues. You are indeed [...]

Jun 14, 2018 on
Legislation By Anecdote - Accessory Dwelling Units in Bellingham

"This is a very interesting discussion and I’m glad multiple parties are paying attention and appear to be separating fact from wish/conjecture- so rare in local ‘journalism’ these [...]

Jul 13, 2016 on
Hiyu ferry for Lummi Island service - Explained