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"Hi Tip,  As one who has an eminently ‘teasable name’, I get it. But your explanation still falls short, in the RESPECT department. I have never seen ‘Lilly’ in [...]

Aug 18, 2021 on
The Scheme to Turn Green-Spaces into $Green

"Hey TippyCanoe,  I just wanted to catch your attention! It’s rude and disrespectful to use a nickname for an elected City Councilperson. Please edit your piece above [...]

Aug 18, 2021 on
The Scheme to Turn Green-Spaces into $Green

"Dick Conoboy, I think you would make an excellent Commissioner! Please seriously consider it.

Dec 08, 2020 on
The Face of the Planning Commission on January 1st

"Thanks Michael, for making the exact points I was hoping to make here in response to John’s partial assessment of the situation: The Interlocal Agreement and Conservation Easement, contracts [...]

Nov 11, 2020 on
The 100 Acre Wood Shakedown

"Guys, I hate to pick at scabs, but you could be more careful about the accusations you post here. Fairhaven Neighbors knew about this pending application as of last summer, [...]

May 01, 2018 on
B'ham Planning set to allow Stebner to build virtually in Padden Creek