Doug Karlberg

Citizen Journalist • Belingham • Member since Apr 08, 2008

Doug has been a fisherman for over four decades, working out of Bellingham and Alaska. He focuses his civic energy on Port of Bellingham - on their policies and practices. He has run for Port Commissioner.

Articles by Doug Karlberg

The Decline of Bellingham

By Doug KarlbergOn Oct 31, 2023

For the last two months, I have driven by this sign on the side of an RV parked on Cornwall Avenue. It is illegally parked on taxpayer property. One would [...]

The Other Side of the Scrap Pile

By Doug KarlbergOn Apr 14, 2023

I’d like to respond to David Netboy’s article of April 1, 2023, regarding the Port of Bellingham. Since I don’t remember Mr. Netboy ever commenting on the Bellingham Comprehensive [...]

Doug Karlberg Writes Against Robbins

By Doug KarlbergOn Oct 26, 2017

Publisher note: Doug intended this as a comment below my article in favor of Robbins, but this deserves to be an article on its own. - John Servais The largest [...]

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"Mr. Jones, Thank you for your response. I am not aware of any authorities that agree with your legal analysis. Not the City of Bellingham. Not Whatcom County. Not the [...]

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ABC Recycling Meets the Public

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ABC Recycling Meets the Public

"Mr. James, ‘This will be my last post on this subject. You may have the last word. It is patently unfair to judge Candidate Orfos based on a question [...]

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Hannah Ordos for County Council