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Extracting Profit and Destroying Experience: The Waterfront Plan

By Wendy HarrisOn May 27, 2014

There is very little to like about the COB waterfront plan, as far as substance or procedure.  And this, I believe, results from looking at the waterfront from an [...]

How Park Improvements Generate Heat

By Wendy HarrisOn May 26, 2014

Wedesday, May 28th, 6:30 p.m., at Bloedel Donovan Park Multipurpose Building there is a public meeting to discuss park improvements.  Park improvements include an expensive engineered stormwater system, and [...]

The Trojan Slaughterhouse and the Scrivener’s Errors

By Wendy HarrisOn May 18, 2014

UPDATE:  The County Council sent out an email today pulling this matter from the Tuesday agenda.  We are advised this will be reset for a public hearing on [...]

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"I do not think it needs a repeal so much as an accurate interpretation and enforcement. It does not speak to individual gun (musket or rifle) ownership but to an [...]

Nov 13, 2022 on
The Constitution. The Second Amendment. And blah, blah, blah, blah...

"I loved the statement regarding important truths about our society that are hidden when we make the violence of war into something sacred. These are the tools of hegemony that [...]

Nov 13, 2022 on
A Civilian Speaks To Veterans

"Dick, to be fair, this was the responsible thing for the government to do in a pandemic. If there is better software to use or ways to tweak the system, [...]

May 20, 2021 on
The Reality Of Zoom And Citizen Participation

"These are all connected problems, but we do not think of them as such and because of that, we will never be successful in our solutions.  Most of our [...]

May 20, 2021 on
Why Participate?

"Thank you for providing behind the scenes information. I had lost any respect for the Herald, believing it to be nothing more than a propaganda machine. (A few exceptions exist, [...]

Jan 08, 2021 on
'Now we will have a voice' -- Bellingham Herald's newsroom joins union