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Retired Emergency Doc with 30 yrs experience at St Joe's between 1987 and 2017.

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The ABC Recycling Hook

By David Netboy On Dec 26, 2023

Those of us at Save the Waterfront have been looking for a "hook" on which to hang the Port and ABC Recycling, a way to force them to finally submit [...]

Define “Mandate”

By David Netboy On Jun 15, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of attending an enlightening presentation by Port of Bellingham Economic Development Director John Michener.  I was trying to understand how a Canadian company that [...]

Restoring Health of Land and Water—Bellingham Style

By David Netboy On Apr 30, 2023

On Wednesday evening, April 26th, the audience at the South Hill Neighborhood Association (SHNA) meeting was sizeable and included two City Council members and Mayor Fleetwood. The issue on the [...]

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"Don’t be fooled by the “admissions of regret” expressed by Commissioners Briscoe and Bell.  The Wicked Witch is far from dead. The surprising turnaround in the fortunes of [...]

Mar 26, 2024 on
Scrap metal shipping from Port dock ends this summer

"Wondering how we got here? Tip Johnson’s piece on the Three Wise Men will help answer that question. “Our” ABC problem is just another installment of “Business as Usual [...]

Jan 10, 2024 on
Three Wise Men?

"Michael, “Current Use” was determined under a description of ABC’s activities that does not comport with the NCIAS designation under which they were required to submit their Stormwater [...]

Jan 08, 2024 on
The ABC Recycling Hook

"Mr Horowitz has precisely identified the most likely actionable deficiency relating to ABC Recycling’s sudden unexpected appearance at the Waterfront represented first by the accumulation of a mountainous pile [...]

Jan 07, 2024 on
The ABC Recycling Hook

" Mr. Lilliquist,  Thank you for your response to our posting at NW Citizen.  I am well aware that ABC Recycling having been able to escape SEPA evaluation [...]

Dec 29, 2023 on
The ABC Recycling Hook