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John Lesow

Citizen Journalist • Member since Mar 21, 2008

Articles by John Lesow

Gas in Vancouver is now over $6 a gallon—and why you should care

By John LesowOn Apr 07, 2018

​Gas in Vancouver is predicted to go from $1.55 a liter to $1.60 in the coming weeks. Gasoline in Canada is priced in litres. A litre is slightly more than a U.[...]

Justin Trudeau’s “Bengal Bungle”

By John LesowOn Mar 04, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau returned last week from a junket to India. The trip was highlighted by the revelation that one of the honored guests invited by the Liberals [...]

Whatcom County Candidate’s Night Kicks Off in Point Roberts - Live !

By John LesowOn Oct 08, 2018

Point Roberts has a resident population of 1,300. About half are registered voters. Despite it’s small size and remote location, Candidate’s Night has always drawn an enthusiastic crowd of [...]

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Recent comments

"The charges against Jaspal Atwal of uttering a death threat were stayed on June 7, 2019 in Surrey Provincial Court.  Over one year since the original charges were brought.  There [...]

Jun 12, 2019 on
Justin Trudeau's "Bengal Bungle"

"Request for status on the criminal action against Jaspal Atwal for uttering death threats will be submitted today, June 12, 2019.  Stay tuned.

Jun 12, 2019 on
Justin Trudeau's "Bengal Bungle"

"Audio regarding the health effects of EMF,  Smart Meters, 5G and other concerns, including privacy issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjQ5VsSmpYg&feature=share

Oct 23, 2018 on
Real 5G Concerns

"to Wynne Lee and other interested voters…see http://www.prrva.org 

Oct 20, 2018 on
Whatcom County Candidate's Night Kicks Off in Point Roberts - Live !

"On Executive Session protocols,  Michael is correct.  And Appearance of Fairness does make a difference. In 2004, there was a vacancy on the Point Roberts Water Board due to [...]

Sep 28, 2018 on
Two dozen want Murphy’s Bellingham council seat