John Servais

Citizen Journalist and Editor • Fairhaven, Washington USA • Member since Feb 26, 2008

John started Northwest Citizen in 1995 to inform fellow citizens of serious local political issues that the Bellingham Herald was ignoring. With the help of donors from the beginning, he has improved the site, invited other writers to join him, and enabled commenting with verified real names for informative community dialog. He is proud that NW Citizen is now perhaps the oldest political blog in the world.

Articles by John Servais

Clayton Beach Vandalism - Again

By John ServaisOn Jul 13, 2017

Yes, the park ranger at Larrabee State Park has been notified and sent some of these photos. Tim Paxton, a contributor to this site, enjoys strolls on the beach and [...]

Will new BC government stop the proposed pipeline?

By John ServaisOn May 30, 2017

On Monday, May 29, our neighbors to the north, British Columbia, had a surprising and dramatic change in their government. With a parliamentary system, this can happen. Two minority parties cemented [...]

Dilbits should be kept out of our Salish Sea

By John ServaisOn May 22, 2017

Michael Riordan writes on Sightline about the expected impacts on our Salish Sea from the now approved new oil pipeline to Vancouver. The Kinder Morgan pipeline from Alberta will funnel [...]

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"Actually, Jon’s comment is within the guidelines for comments on NW Citizen.  He does not make any personal insults but rather sticks to the issue and facts. &[...]

Apr 10, 2024 on
A Resolution to Make Sure Nothing Gets Done

"A bit more info on the developer.  It is Chili Peppers, L.L.C. and is a Lynden corporation owned by Chet Kenoyer, a long time real estate [...]

Dec 03, 2023 on
Alert On Development Proposal: 2706 Mill Avenue

"Mr. James shows the destructive and divisive tone that is threatening our country with ruin.  He shows the partisan fever - the tribal anger - that is so destructive [...]

Oct 31, 2023 on
Hannah Ordos for County Council

"Let’s not allow public concerns about ABC Recycling’s scrap heap to be redefined by anybody. Those defending government screwups or corrupt deals often try to redefine, [...]

Jun 20, 2023 on
Define "Mandate"

"Doug, My.  A bit of condescending and marginalizing writing from you towards our writer.  Not what we do here.  A bit in his teeth, you say?  [...]

Jun 16, 2023 on
Define "Mandate"