John Servais

Citizen Journalist and Editor • Fairhaven, Washington USA • Member since Feb 26, 2008

John started Northwest Citizen in 1995 to inform fellow citizens of serious local political issues that the Bellingham Herald was ignoring. With the help of donors from the beginning, he has improved the site, invited other writers to join him, and enabled commenting with verified real names for informative community dialog. He is proud that NW Citizen is now perhaps the oldest political blog in the world.nn

Articles by John Servais

PeaceHealth Asks Doctors to Sign Letter

By John ServaisOn Apr 02, 2020

Chief of Staff Dr. Anna Dowling of PeachHealth St. Joseph Medical Center is circulating a letter today - Thur, Apr 2 - among hospital doctors, asking all of them to sign [...]

Dr Lin fired from St Joseph Hospital

By John ServaisOn Mar 27, 2020

Update Sat afternoon, Mar 28 - will post two or more paragraph updates The story of Dr. Lin being fired from his job at St Joseph Hospital in Bellingham is rapidly [...]

Faces of Health Care

By John ServaisOn Mar 25, 2020

I was sent the link to this display of 34 health care workers coming off their shifts. One is posted at the top of this page. We, as a country, need [...]

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"The real surprise is the US Navy protocol officers not knowing the proper use of the flag.  For the president commissioning a new aircraft carrier - a major major [...]

Jul 01, 2020 on
Just Whose Flag Is It Anyway?

"Satpal, thank you, and yes, I agree.  We “all” need to work on this.  My article is about the mayor’s office preventing any outside his office from [...]

Jun 11, 2020 on
Mayor Seth Fleetwood Lacks Understanding of Transparency

"Apology not requested, but as given it is certainly accepted.  No decision needed, as we continue as before.  Your perspectives are respected.

Jun 10, 2020 on
Mayor Seth Fleetwood Lacks Understanding of Transparency

"A very unnecessary ad hominem in there, Konrad.  Characterize the action but not the person, please.   Your comments reflect the view of a minority that deserves to [...]

Jun 10, 2020 on
Mayor Seth Fleetwood Lacks Understanding of Transparency

"David, Thanks for helping on the code revisions.  But what is the ^ notation? And I was agast to see one result being “nwcitizen = 0”  How can you [...]

May 05, 2020 on
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