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"You bring up a great point. Probably, most people are not aware until their 1st bill arrives. How about starting a petition?? I bet most people would would sign it.

Apr 24, 2022 on
Highway Robbery

"The issue with YouTube must be a good solution for the Councils because they were tired of hearing the public comments being so negative towards them. First, they cut down [...]

Aug 06, 2021 on
YouTube's Subversion Of The Bellingham City Council

"Tim Paxton, have you ever lived on the streets? Do you think that life is rosey for the homeless folks in B’ham/Whatcom County? Do we have better weather [...]

Apr 30, 2021 on
The Battle for Bellingham's Tiny Homes

"Ms. Karen Steen, as I am reading most of your responses here I am wondering if you work for the COB or are you good friends with someone at LIHI [...]

Mar 28, 2021 on
The Battle for Bellingham's Tiny Homes