Kris Keillor

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I'm trying to put down roots in Bellingham. As a junior studying Electrical Engineering at Western, I am very interested in signals and systems -- how to model, create, and shape the motion of our world. I hope to develop modular communications systems using RISC-V instructions and build them in Bellingham.

My father retired as an Air Force Lt. Colonial after being stationed with his family all across the country and world. This gave me a unique perspective on many cultures and drive to serve and experience life. A call I answered by volunteering with AmeriCorps FEMA Corps, Team Rubicon, All Hands & Hearts, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, and the Bellingham MakerSpace. I actively engage with civic politics, despite its weariness. I'm under pressure from Covid-19, my engineering course load, and entrepreneurship in greater Whatcom County. I appreciate your understanding as we work to grow roots together in Bellingham's beautiful community. Keep wearing masks, physically distancing, and thanking our essential & provisional workers!

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