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"The question of whether the Bellingham City Council should pass a resolution in support of public (state) banking is scheduled for this coming Monday, February 24th.  A draft resolution [...]

Feb 18, 2020 on
Stop The Nonsense Talk About Public Banking

"Readers of this article may also be interested in an article on some water law ideas being considered by the state legislature:https://crosscut.com/2020/02/lawmakers-want-protect-water-rights-washington-wall-street-speculation

Feb 06, 2020 on
Water Resource Planning: Prepare - Or Take Our Chances?

"Lisa, I am mostly referring to a conversation at the most recent meeting of Fairhaven neighborhood association. Yes, I have visited Unity Village, and had a few brief exchanges with [...]

Nov 27, 2019 on
HomesNOW Thrives Despite Setback

"“...an extension on the Fairhaven site may be granted, although that permit extension must go through the COB, City Council, Planning Department, and public processes.”This is not [...]

Nov 26, 2019 on
HomesNOW Thrives Despite Setback

"Why the silence from the Bellingham City Council?At the time this column was published, the City Council had already requested and initiated a possible purchase of the property next [...]

Oct 01, 2019 on
What’s Going on with the Herons, Council?