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"I just don’t understand you, John.  You seem to find argument and disgreement where it does not exist.  You seem to be reacting as if I [...]

Nov 16, 2021 on
Electric School Buses #2

"Just to add some numbers and perspective to this discussion, the Federal  infrastructure package has about $5 billion marked for school bus electrification acros the country.Using John’s figure [...]

Nov 16, 2021 on
Electric School Buses #2

"Thomas asks, “Can someone explain the City of Bellingham’s decade long delay in aquiring the lots to protect the Post Point Heron Colony?”I can offer an explanantion, [...]

Nov 09, 2021 on
One Last Chance for Permanent Protection for the City’s Great Blue Herons?

"Dick,You don’t know who Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is?  😊    😊https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwayne_JohnsonI like and respect [...]

Oct 05, 2021 on
Vote Russ Whidbee For The At-Large Seat Of The Bellingham City Council

"There will be minutes for this public meeting, which mostly just list the speakers and  the topic that each addressed. This is how it was done for regular council [...]

Sep 21, 2021 on
Council Public Comment Period Of September 21st Now Belongs To The Ages