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"Good to hear from you gene. Pearl Follett

Feb 16, 2023 on
Never Too Late to Shout About It

"  This vote should be challenged. Were the callers all for prop 5.What did they say to the person they tlaked to? I think that undue influence may have been [...]

Dec 06, 2022 on
Did Proposition 5 "Cure" Its Way to a Win?

"Yes, I am touched by war. My father was in the trenches during WWI. A machine gunner, he was lucky to be alive and had been only slightly gassed. He [...]

Nov 11, 2022 on
A Civilian Speaks To Veterans

"     Is it legal for under 18 to go into this sex store ? What laws govern  shops of this kind ? Perhaps  Child  Protective Service should  [...]

Jul 09, 2022 on
School Board Member Offers Kids' Sex Classes

"  Thank you for your service to our town . We need to correspond at the highest level and not attack one and the other.  Pearl Follett   l

Jul 08, 2022 on
Dear Vlad...