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Letter:  Vote for Russ Whidbee

By Letter WriterOn Oct 12, 2021

I really like Russ Whidbee, the candidate running for the at large seat of Bellingham’s City Council.  He is fiscally astute, pragmatic, and a man with a 40 year [...]

Letter: Eddy Ury Support

By Letter WriterOn Oct 07, 2021

Eddy Ury is the person who Whatcom County Council needs at this critical time for our county as we plan for the impacts of climate change and population growth. Eddy [...]

Letter:  Petition to Ban Teaching Critical Race Theory

By Letter WriterOn Jul 04, 2021

Recently, several of my neighbors signed a petition to the Meridian School Board trying to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools. I urge the school board [...]

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