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Damon Gray

Commenter • Member since Feb 23, 2008

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"I honestly don’t know yet where I will land on the issue of the coal port at Cherry Point.  At this point, there is just too much that [...]

Jul 29, 2011 on
SSA already started construction at Cherry Point

"I still drive a Mercury.  Probably will till it’s in the grave.

Jan 08, 2011 on
Crazy 'Bout a Mercury

"It will be very interesting to see what Bob does with the building. Will the weekly move in?  If so, will the Herald stay?  I’m actually pleased [...]

Jun 03, 2009 on
Bellingham Herald future

"John, you make four stunning assumptions in your inane post above, all of which are beneath a man of your intelligence. If such a post were made in your name [...]

Aug 24, 2008 on
A Time to Choose?

"John said: ‘He asked Ken if he was a “Socialist”. Gasp. Why reactionary right wingers think getting us to state we are liberal is a coup for them just shows [...]

Jul 24, 2008 on
Bill Mize Forum starts the season