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"No one should imagine that Sefzik is a moderate. He is a Trump supporting right-wing extremist and a danger to our democracy. 

Nov 02, 2022 on
Sefzik Public Safety Forum - Anecdotes "Я" Us

"Is there any organizing for signing of petitions?

Aug 18, 2021 on
A call for citizen action

"I have no knowledge of the issues here, no background in the topic, but I am dissatisfied with my internet access (Comcast).  Why does the BAG say they are [...]

Feb 07, 2021 on
COB Puts The BAG In A Box

"Is 45 votes in 2018 a lot?

Nov 27, 2020 on
Stop the Lying, Doug

"Pinky Vargas would be a good fit for that district. Sounds to me like Erickson is just another right wing extremist grifter. Too bad he couldn’t keep Intalco working.

Nov 24, 2020 on
Stop the Lying, Doug