Stoney Bird

Citizen Journalist • Member since Mar 15, 2012

After serving in the Peace Corps in Libya and Tunisia, Stoney worked for many years as an international corporate lawyer. He moved to the Skagit Valley in 1990, and was able for the first time to get involved in the life of the community where he was living. He was one of the leaders in the Coal-Free Bellingham initiative campaign in 2012. Now he lives in the York Neighborhood. Since 2001, he has been car-free.

Articles by Stoney Bird

Community Rights Movement Rising

By Stoney BirdOn Jan 28, 2017

Stoney Bird guest writes. In 2012, an initiative campaign for a Community Bill of Rights in Bellingham was part of a nationwide movement for local communities to reassert their rights, their [...]

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Community Rights Movement Rising

"Wendy, has anybody calculated what the County has spent in legal fees defending non-compliance over the years? Stoney Bird

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