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Nick is a father and husband with an interest in active transportation and open space.

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"I went to see the rookery for the first time several days ago.  Prior to this I’d read articles here about the herons’ plight, the threat of another [...]

Jun 02, 2021 on
Heron Colony Still Vulnerable to Development

"I’m in a listening mode right now.  I also happen to live less than a quarter mile from the proposed tiny home village.  I was not able [...]

Mar 29, 2021 on
The Battle for Bellingham's Tiny Homes

"It’s all about personal responsiblity. Am I right?  It’s my *choice* to wear a mask.  I have the *right* not to.  It’s in the [...]

Mar 05, 2021 on
Masked Resistance

"I had the opportunity to visit Juneau a couple years ago (via aircraft) in December.  My wife’s aunt, a local, showed me around town.  When we got [...]

Feb 11, 2021 on
Cruising And Tourism: Wretched Excess

"David, do you think shifting your window a week to the right on both side of Thanksgiving would give a better idea of what the holiday’s effect was?  [...]

Dec 13, 2020 on
The Thanksgiving Surge: How Fared Whatcom County?