Nicholas Sotak

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Nick is a father and husband with an interest in active transportation and open space.

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"Aaron, I’m sure you’ve heard all this before, but I thought I would bring up a few things for the sake of the larger discussion on guns in [...]

Sep 10, 2020 on
Tragedy...Not Guilt, Not Innocence

"Jon, I’ve read several of your articles over the years.  One thing I have not heard is a rationale for why Bellingham officials are resistant to a highspeed [...]

Sep 05, 2020 on
Mayor Fleetwood to Pick Members of Broadband Advisory Group... Just Kidding!

"Can the auditor open her office to accept ballots directly?  

Aug 29, 2020 on
We Have Two Extra Ballot Drop Boxes!!

"“Nicholas, if I had to choose between your opinion and the opinions of frontline physicians with decades of experience who have successfully treated hundreds, if not thousands, of COVID-19 patients [...]

Jul 31, 2020 on
There Will Be No Phase 3

"Larry, Several of the items in that numbered list reference the same retrospective study that showed a death rate cut in half. But the people who were given the drug [...]

Jul 31, 2020 on
There Will Be No Phase 3
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