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Nick is a father and husband with an interest in active transportation and open space.

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"David, do you think shifting your window a week to the right on both side of Thanksgiving would give a better idea of what the holiday’s effect was?  [...]

Dec 13, 2020 on
The Thanksgiving Surge: How Fared Whatcom County?

"Tip, Thank you for providing that clarification.  It’s imporant for understanding the issue.  It’s clear there’s a flaw in the City’s process if situations [...]

Dec 07, 2020 on
Dirty Deal at Douglas and 21st

"I wholeheartedly agree Jon and appreciate your efforts on that front.

Oct 30, 2020 on
Bellingham Transportation Fund: Time to Renew

"“ trip is as ecologically friendly, or safe, as a digital one.”   This sounds like advocating for, what I would consider, a dyspotian future. I doubt that was your [...]

Oct 25, 2020 on
Bellingham Transportation Fund: Time to Renew

"Aaron, I’m sure you’ve heard all this before, but I thought I would bring up a few things for the sake of the larger discussion on guns in [...]

Sep 10, 2020 on
Tragedy...Not Guilt, Not Innocence