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Dick Kellogg is a semi-retired American Elementary Particle Physicist, who has worked in Europe for most of his career. The closure of the CERN laboratory due to the COVID-19 epidemic has clearly given him too much free time to worry about the epidemiology of the disease. He freely admits to having no previous experience in epidemiology, but believes he does understand numbers and how to think about problems. He was a double-major in Physics and English in college, and missed an additional major in Anthropology only because he failed to complete the required thesis, due to the famous Student Strike of 1970 against the Vietnam war.

Articles by Richard Kellogg

Social Policy for COVID-19

By Richard KelloggOn Apr 13, 2020

[Reposted with permission from the website of Dr. Richard Kellogg (where details of his analysis techniques can be found) a physicist at the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nuclé[...]