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Daniel is a semi-retired educational consultant and writer. He is a long-time political watcher, and sometimes activist.

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"Michael, I’m disappointed that you don’t have the neighborhood’s back on this.  And I’m puzzled by the odd logic of your arguments, that to me [...]

Jul 29, 2021 on
Our Public Property Rights For Sale - Cheap!

"John, I have long respected and valued your work on behalf of good governance.  I wish I had a similar level of faith in your ability to see the [...]

Oct 25, 2018 on
Environmentalist? Vote NO on 1631

"“Corporations… are the best way for people to work together.”  I have great respect for you, John, but this striking statement both explains why you would support I-1183, and [...]

Oct 25, 2011 on
A Liberal Independent's voting guide

"John, if I read you right you are in support of initiative 1183, the measure that would hand our liquor stores over to the corporations.  I hope I’m misreading [...]

Oct 24, 2011 on
A Liberal Independent's voting guide

"I have long appreciated Tip Johnson’s analytic thinking and investigative reporting.  What he brings to light in this piece is quite interesting.  As someone who values the [...]

Mar 13, 2008 on
Windfall Non-profits?