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I am retired. I moved to Bellingham in 2011 when my daughter started at Western Washington University. I'm grateful to live in this beautiful place. I'm grateful for all of the well informed activist folk who live here. I am shocked and terrified at what I see happening in our government and environment. I am very, very introverted. I tend to be pragmatic in my approach to life but deep within me is the Star Trek ideal of a world where the government works as it should and the laws are fair; where everyone's needs are met; where everyone is appropriately challenged and can follow a dream; and where the earth is healthy and well cared for.

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"I am not familar with any of the legalities mentioned in this discussion though I do understand what ROW’s and easements and fee title and things like that, [...]

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Our Public Property Rights For Sale - Cheap!

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Bellingham Municipal Court Judge Lev Sues the City

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