Karen Steen

Citizen Journalist • Member since Jan 11, 2020

A native of New Orleans, Karen has now lived most of her life in the PNW. She worked for 30+ years as a RN/FNP, mostly in community and public health settings; she supports using public health indicators to frame community, social, and economic concerns. She is also a lifelong student of astrology and practiced professionally for six years; her priority astrological interests are geopolitical and historical. Her most recent calling was to provide business administration for an open source hydroponic gardening initiative and regenerative economy.

Articles by Karen Steen

Who’s Running Your Neighborhood Association? And Why Care?

By Karen SteenOn Jan 14, 2020

When I moved to Bellingham from a rural community in 2012, I was delighted to learn of the City’s designated neighborhoods and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission (MNAC). I [...]

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"Thanks for this good news, John. And thank goodness for the Superior Court. I maintain Mayor Fleetwood has from the outset of his tenure aligned with political and cultural agendas [...]

Jul 03, 2021 on
Bellingham City Attorneys Removed from Muni Court Case by Judge

"Thank you, Council President Stone, for your characteristic wisdom and integrity; your vote confirms my read on these awful developments from the outset.

Jun 22, 2021 on
Bellingham Council Starts Process to Abolish Municipal Court

"I’m glad to see continued and coordinated neighborhood mobilization for established residents’ welfare, and that COB is allowing additional neighborhood input. I sincerely wish Puget and Samish [...]

Jun 01, 2021 on
Your Chance NOW to Weigh In on the CityView Private Dormitory Development

"Thank you, John, for making comprehensible these bizarre developments. I join you in crediting the Herald with timely, public service reporting. I’ve followed the Herald’s online [...]

May 29, 2021 on
Bellingham Municipal Court Judge Lev Sues the City

"hilary cole - When a Council Meeting includes a scheduled public hearing, that item has a designated public comment period. Behnoosh Armani - I know noone at LIHI, nor R2[...]

Mar 28, 2021 on
The Battle for Bellingham's Tiny Homes