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Eagle Scout, Navy Nuclear Mechanic (submarines), Fire Fighter, WWU Bio-Cultural Anthropology grad (with honors).

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"Ensuring someone’s vote counts is always a worthwhile endeavor. I helped cure some ballots for Prop 5 and I certainly didn’t ask how people voted. I expected [...]

Dec 06, 2022 on
Did Proposition 5 "Cure" Its Way to a Win?

"Jon- I’m sorry that our communication has devolved into your ad hominem attacks. If you’ll remember, I met with you (and bought the beers and food, on my [...]

Dec 04, 2022 on
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"Jon- You asked why it would cost more? This is a fundamental issue for understanding public power. In order to shift to public power, any public agency would have to [...]

Nov 25, 2022 on
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"Hi Jon- I had a really good meeting with the PUD General Manager, (GM) Mr. Chris Heimgartner, and previously Christine Grant. They were very open about their plans and the [...]

Nov 24, 2022 on
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"The gas guzzlers already pay in the increased use of gasoline… I don’t think $150 per year for an EV to drive on the roads is an excessive sum. I [...]

Apr 25, 2022 on
Highway Robbery