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Eagle Scout, Navy Nuclear Mechanic (submarines), Fire Fighter, WWU Bio-Cultural Anthropology grad (with honors).

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"I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve had the opportunity to argue open government against the City, on multiple occasions… they’ll do what they want until challenged and [...]

Jun 12, 2020 on
Mayor Seth Fleetwood Lacks Understanding of Transparency

"Context matters…and while I wholeheartedly agree on the need to replace EVERY SINGLE exempt employee left over from Mayor “Spinville”... We have to look at why Mayor Fleetwood might [...]

Jun 10, 2020 on
Mayor Seth Fleetwood Lacks Understanding of Transparency

"The solution isn’t to mess with private property rights, which are onerous at best…and probably Constitutional… The solution is for WWU to build student housing over the parking [...]

Mar 08, 2020 on
Sehome Neighborhood Meeting Sheds Light On Rental Housing

"I support a public option. But there’s a problem with the way this is presented and offered up: At 8:55 Sen. Hasegawa states that SB 5995 (Establishing the WA Investment Trust) [...]

Dec 19, 2019 on
Senator Bob Hasegawa to Speak to City Council on Public Banking - 16 December

"Solid explanation…the only thing left out was the very fact that the COB had a Public Development Authority up until 2014 that was then dissolved by this current Mayor and [...]

Oct 23, 2019 on
Sink, Swim, or Divorce – Options Narrow for our Relationship with Harcourt