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Retired (and hitched for 45 years) father of two sons and one grandson, resident of Bellingham for over 30 years. I love Bellingham.

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"Real reporting, good luck. The regional and national MSM as well is fear-mongering,  puff pieces and pearl clutching, not just the local “news.” I don’t think our local [...]

Sep 07, 2021 on
Ron Judd Bids Farewell to Seattle

"We live on Douglas and I’ve used the trail many times. Thanks for the thorough reporting and links. Developers seem to own City Hall while citizens get lies coated [...]

Aug 10, 2021 on
City Throws Down the Gauntlet

"Our “cooperative” bank could easily issue all types of infastructure municipal bonds of varying sizes and maturities at rates and terms unavailable from Chase and the other giants. With the [...]

Mar 11, 2021 on
State Public Banking (Cooperative) Bill Moves To The House

"Good article, thank you. Emotional responses to perceived or actual emergencies derail critical analysis, reasoned response and assessment of actions. Los Angeles is a classic example of throwing money at [...]

Mar 02, 2021 on
Emergency Management

"Speaking of The Post Office and Postal Banking: Instead of the unctious blather heard in high places of “healing”, “unity” and so on, how about a huge push to actually [...]

Jan 22, 2021 on
New Public Banking Bill Introduced in Olympia - Hearing On January 28th