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I care about the earth, the waters, the trees, the environment. I care about representing the countless voiceless beings and human underdogs in an age and 'top down' worldview that values unlimited growth and profit over continuation of life on earth. This online paper upholds the honesty, integrity, and values I consider essential. Telling the truth and exposing corruption in government and people in power, as well as educating people so that we can take care the places we call Home - around the Salish Sea, and all over this planet.

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"Excellent article and points made. Thank you for all the work  and data gathering you have done on this. I wish we had someone like you in the San [...]

Apr 24, 2020 on
Interim Public Works Director Forbids Climate & Energy Manager Discussing Telecom and Dig Once

"Interesting article and “take” from a strictly technical standpoint, and it helped me understand a lot of what we already knew; that this is just another ruse for [...]

Apr 24, 2020 on
5G and Why We Still Need Public Fiber

"Jamie; have you approached CELDF with this issue? (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) - they might be able to help, although they have their hands busy with pipelines and the [...]

May 20, 2019 on
All Hands on Deck to Help Protect the Great Blue Herons

"I’m so sorry to read this; this is sad news for Bellingham.  it’s the same here in the San Juans.  Real estate has skyrocketed, workers are [...]

May 06, 2019 on
Vacation Rental Kickoff Is May 5th - Put It On Your Calendar!

"Important article. our governor can’t run for president on being a climate advocate when desertification of eelgrass beds with glyphosate are allowed; especially to make it painless and [...]

Apr 22, 2019 on
Why Does Gov. Inslee permit spraying of carcinogenic pesticides on Salish Sea eelgrass beds?