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"I had a conversation years ago with Rick Larson in front of what is now the Whole Foods store on Lakeway. He was clearly a right-wing Reagan Democrat then, and [...]

Aug 20, 2020 on
Musings from a Political Junkie in Quarantine

"Publicly-financed schools shouldn’t be charging tuitions at all. To anyone. You don’t see this sort of sleazy money-grubbing behavior in public primary and secondary schools for [...]

Aug 20, 2020 on
Ice Cold

"You sound like you’ve been reading David Graeber, great rant!

Jul 13, 2020 on

"Lovely to hear MMT discussed here. The US has operated to a greater or lesser degree under MMT principles since Breton Woods. QE, off-books military spending, stimulus trillions., it’s [...]

May 08, 2020 on
MintTheCoin - Money for everyone

"Thank you for the good local journalism.

Apr 03, 2020 on
Monitoring the COVID-19 Surge Peak in Whatcom County - Update I