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Virginia Herrick is a 30-year resident of Bellingham, a professional book editor, and former journalist.

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"Someone needs to stop this. Injunction, whatever. It sounds like an appalling miscarriage of our laws. Have we really NO recourse?  

Jun 22, 2021 on
Save the Whales - Bellingham’s $40mm Padden Creek Joke

"I hope the effort, thought, and care put into this letter are appreciated, and that outreach is forthcoming. Now is not the time for posturing or pandering—now is the [...]

Aug 27, 2020 on
Racial Listening Sessions...or Tone Deaf?

"Thank you for trying. In addition to all your points, I have one more. Not all kids—even those who haven’t survived a school shooting—love fireworks. Plenty of [...]

Jul 08, 2019 on
Bellingham Bells - Firework Effects Are The Public's Problem