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Jamie K. Donaldson is a long-time activist for peace, social justice, and the environment. She was the founder of the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center in downtown Bellingham, and is retired from the University of British Columbia. She is the former president of the Board of Directors of the Bellingham Food Bank, and is a volunteer park steward. Jamie is a member of the North Cascades Audubon Society and local Sierra Club.

Articles by Jamie K. Donaldson

Hip Hip Hooray for the Herons!

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn Apr 01, 2022

Editor’s Note: Jamie K Donaldson graciously acknowledges community efforts in this article. What she doesn’t mention is her own unflagging commitment to keeping this issue alive over 22 years, [...]

One Last Chance for Permanent Protection for the City’s Great Blue Herons?

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn Oct 21, 2021

 After twenty years of fits and starts, there is a time-sensitive opportunity for the city of Bellingham to finally create the Post Point Great Blue Heron Reserve. City Council [...]

Fledgling Great Blue Herons Need Our Help

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn Jul 02, 2020

Hurry down to the Post Point Great Blue Heron colony in the next few days to catch sight of a wondrous event: the giant baby herons are preparing to leave [...]

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Memorial Day 2024 - Remembering My Friends

"OK, Ralph and Karen, I’ll take the bait.Ralph, do I conclude from your comment that you believe the Great Blue Heron nesting site at Post Point doesn&[...]

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Hip Hip Hooray for the Herons!

"I found this article in Counterpunch to be spot on. https://www.counterpunch.org/2021/08/18/in-praise-of-joe-biden/  

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A Rout Is A Rout Is A Rout

"Gosh, do I ever feel like a chump (NOT a chum).  For years I’ve been volunteering with the COB Parks Department to help restore riparian and salmon [...]

Jun 20, 2021 on
Save the Whales - Bellingham’s $40mm Padden Creek Joke

"Thanks, Nicholas, for a reminder to go by the heron colony to experience the beauty and wonder of wildlife right in our midst.  It truly is a special place [...]

Jun 03, 2021 on
Heron Colony Still Vulnerable to Development