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Douglas Smith

Closed Account • Member since Feb 12, 2008

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"This was the first draft of my letter before I had to edit it down to fit the Heralds size requirements         Powder River, Wyoming, is where [...]

May 24, 2014 on
Montana & Wyoming to WA: Permit Coal Export Terminals... Or Else

"Paul will be remembered with great fondness.

Apr 23, 2013 on
Paul de Armond has passed away

"It has irked me for many years now.  The difference between the “groovy” and the actual class struggle.  I see a huge wedge being driven between the working [...]

Nov 04, 2012 on
Lummi Nation Opposes Coal Terminal


Aug 09, 2012 on
Coal Free Bellingham: Point Proven?


Jul 31, 2012 on
Is NOAA Reporting False Higher Temperatures?