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"Bellingham has a reputation for hiring outside experts to justify - via long, expensive reports - decisions already reached by the affected staff or council subcomms.  You, Jon, have [...]

Oct 01, 2022 on
What Cascadia Daily News Should Have Said

"Tip, I’m collecting petition signatures from neighbors and friends.  The QR code to the petition page has been popular. Can another code be posted to this article, too?&[...]

Aug 18, 2021 on
The Scheme to Turn Green-Spaces into $Green

"Where’s the petition?  If that’s all I can do I’ll sign.  Volunteering legal help for projects much like this was such a habit it ruined [...]

Jun 26, 2021 on
Whatcom Citizens for Responsible Technology

"I agree with Dick. So does Jon Schwarz at The Intercept.

Mar 05, 2021 on
After worker victories, The Bellingham Herald's union is in place

" Dick, Thanks for the link but it goes to a “404: page not found”.  This one may work: Overtaken by [...]

Mar 24, 2020 on
Close The Bellingham Parks...NOW!