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Lived in region since 2000. Worked in clean tech for 25 years. 2 grown children raised here. Happily single active in public policy.

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"This is an excellent thread and very helpful in understanding the situation. Thank you Larry, David, Tip, Doug, and Michael. I couldn’t help but wonder if all these [...]

Jan 22, 2024 on
The ABC Recycling Hook

"Here is a comment from a friend that I’d like to paste here. “Wendy was fiercely independent, outspoken, brilliant, funny, engaging, irascible and fearless.  She embodied the traits [...]

Oct 31, 2023 on
Memorial Event for Wendy Harris

"This was a mostly good article. I am not a blanket supporter of hydrogen. I have actually worked on several projects related to hydrogen energy. There are very few cases [...]

Oct 27, 2023 on
Is Hydrogen the Answer?

"There are many statements that I need to address in Jon’s original post: 1. I don’t support attacks on Representative Shewmake on broadband. It is simply not her [...]

Jun 24, 2022 on
Sharon Shewmake: Corporate Democrat, Riveter, Tied to Big Telecom

"I’m a community member. Local elected official. Member of the SAC.  We should learn from the past. The Listening Tour and the Vera Institute Report commissioned by the [...]

Feb 19, 2022 on
Elevators, Smelevators