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Lived in region since 2000. Worked in clean tech for 25 years. 2 grown children raised here. Happily single active in public policy.

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"There are many statements that I need to address in Jon’s original post: 1. I don’t support attacks on Representative Shewmake on broadband. It is simply not her [...]

Jun 24, 2022 on
Sharon Shewmake: Corporate Democrat, Riveter, Tied to Big Telecom

"I’m a community member. Local elected official. Member of the SAC.  We should learn from the past. The Listening Tour and the Vera Institute Report commissioned by the [...]

Feb 19, 2022 on
Elevators, Smelevators

"I think we need more open forums on fiber infrastructure so we can hash out key issues. Some of us want to see concrete, fast action, that end-users will see. [...]

Jul 19, 2021 on
Bye, Felicia

"To clarify, I have been advocating for improved data and mapping and that has many elements: load testing in addition to speed testing, mapping of existing fiber, surveys to understand [...]

Jul 19, 2021 on
Bye, Felicia

"All, Let me start with this foundation stone: “Right now our community is very frustrated with where we are at on Broadband.” Despite efforts of the Port we [...]

Jan 09, 2021 on
The Fix is in the BAG